Difference between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture

Difference between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture

The basic difference between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture is the explanation of the working of the computer. Computer architecture explains what a computer should do and Computer organization explains how a computer works.

Difference between CO and CA

The Computer organization deals with the study of the behavior and structure of different building blocks of a computer system. Computer design refers to the transformation of the behavior to the corresponding structure. And the detailed study of the art/science of dividing the system functions in software and hardware modules and establishing the interface among them is known as computer architecture.

Merging of computer and the communication technologies has already ushered in a significant technoligocal revolution. This in turn will lead to the merging of electronics with computer. New and innovative designs to suit the specific requirements of the changing scenario are expected to further evolve in the near future. Hence, computer organization study is a must.

Computer Architecture

Computer architecture is science for designing a computer system. Just as a building architect prepares a design for a building, in a similar fashion a computer architect designs a high performance-system at a reasonable cost, fulfilling all other requirements. Computer architecture F ides various attributes to the computer system which are needed by a machine language programmer or a system software designer to develop a program. It is a conceptual model.

  • Computer architecture interface between hardware and software
  • abstract model and is programmer’s view in terms of instruction, addressing modes and registers
  • It describes what the computer does.
  • While designing computer system architecture is considered first
  • it deals high-level design issues  

Computer Organization

Computer Organization gives an in-depth picture of its functional structure and logical interconnections between different functional blocks. Actually, it includes computer hardware. Please understand that two computers with the same architecture can have different organizations. And two computers having the same organization differ in their architecture. Also note that for designing a computer, its architecture is fixed first and then its organization is decided.

  • Computer Organization deals With components of connection in a system.
  • It expresses the realization of architecture.
  • It describes how a computer does a task.
  • Computer Organization is done on the basis of architecture deals we low-level design issues.

Tip: Architecture indicates its hardware whereas the organization reveals its performance

Difference between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture

Let us tabulate the differences between CO and CA now.

S.No.Computer OrganizationComputer Architecture
1Computer architecture explains what a computer should do.Computer organization explains how a computer works.
2It deals more with the interface between software and hardware.It deals more with the lower-level details.
3It deals with Hardware System Architecture (HSA).It deals with Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).
4The task is to find out and investigate the organizational structure for its proper operation.It investigates instruction formats, instruction set and addressing technology. It also includes the specifications of various functional modules like CPU and memories.
5While designing, it is not fixed first.Firstly, the computer’s architecture is fixed and then its organization is decided.
6It reveals computer’s performance.It reveals the computer’s hardware.

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